Rolling training programmes

Rolling Programme

  • By setting up this type of training course, Pecunia delivers regular proactive workshops for businesses over a period of time setting out their own business goals to be implemented within their own departments
  • Ensuring that they develop a skillset and knowledge of credit management and the issues and responsibilities it holds
  • Monitoring progress of collection team

How it works

  • Pecunia is not just rolling out a new training programme, we are focusing on the continued development for employees and the constant sharing of knowledge over an agreed timescale rather than from a one off course
  • This helps promote part of a cultural change in working together better
  • Each rolling programme will have a timetable that shows a planned list of core areas of training, along with tasks and activities to be performed by learners to assess their learning

Our commitment to the learners on our programme will be to deliver

  • An agreed period of weeks/months of focused training (depending on requirement of the of the business)
  • Share our experience and expertise
  • Never ask learners to do something we don’t do
  • Regular input
  • Safe environment to learn and ask questions
  • Help build a portfolio of learning and work that matches the business environment learners work in

With this learners are to be committed to

  • An agreed period of weeks/months of daily activity (depending on requirement of the business)
  • Plan, do review
  • Commit to your project/plan
  • Personal development and KPI reviews for staff, managers and the business