About Us

Credit Management Consultancy

Pecunia was born out of the fundamental need to increase awareness of the importance of credit management and credit control, and how it underpins a business and how to manage cash inflows and out flows.

Cash Flow

Pecunia is the UK #1 Organic Cash Flow and Credit Management Consultancy. We are niche in the way we proactively work with businesses, passing on our extensive knowledge, experience, skills and expertise in helping firms implement systems and processes which enable them to increase profits and improve their own business success.

We are unique in that we have a proven track record in helping companies improve their cash flow, increase profits, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

Pecunia poses the following questions to businesses.

  • Do you have a business that requires a push to improve your cash flow?
  • Do your credit control procedures need a ‘MOT’?
  • Does your business have a growing list of aged debtors?
  • Would you really like to know who your customer is?
  • Are you having difficulty in recovering what is owed and don’t know what to do next?
  • Do your employees need training to help to make their day to day recovery tasks more efficient?
  • Do your policies and procedures for the business and the sector you trade need a reviewing and updating?
  • Are you drowning in paperwork and unable to see the light?

What we offer

Peace of Mind – Free 1 hour ‘health check’ consultation on your company’s credit management
Training – Bespoke credit control courses, training and education sessions which can cover the complete credit management functions or even focus on one specific area, including soft skills courses
Outsourcing – If you are looking to outsource any of your credit control work, then we would be happy to discuss this with you
Interim credit management – Assist you with covering credit control and credit manager staff absences (e.g. for example maternity leave, sabbaticals) or backlogs with collecting payments.

If you think any of these services would be beneficial to you then don’t delay, call today for a free confidential discussion.

Pecunia Guarantee
You’ll see improvement in and reduced DSO, by adopting our recommended strategies &
processes worked in conjunction with management and staff. If not,Pecunia will give free
quarterly reviews for a year to get you back on track

Our Team Members

Tracey Westell FCICM


Kevin Artlett FCICM ACII


Annie Lagrue MCICM