We raise awareness of the benefits of these services through the following methods:

Credit Control Courses, Training and Workshops

Available to anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals behind good credit management, up-skill, expand knowledge and gain confidence to be exceptional within credit control.


What are the benefits?
As with our consultancy services, we aim to make you money, save you money and give your business that competitive edge through our credit control courses.

How do we achieve this for you?
Making you money – training builds professionalism and expertise, it raises motivation and increases efficiencies and innovation in processes. A motivated team will lead to better customer service and lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat businesses. This in turn helps to raise the profile of credit management within the business, increases revenue and profits.

Saving you money
Training improves staff retention rates. It is important to remember that is cheaper to train your current team than it is to replace skilled workers. At the same time your staff will enhance their skills and knowledge and this will translate into improved job satisfaction and self-confidence. Knowing their companies have invested in training for them will make the credit controllers to feel more valuable and will improve their ability to communicate in the business environment; thereby increasing sales

Giving you that competitive edge
Our tailored training courses are designed to give your business a clear advantage over the competition in terms of innovation, quality, efficiency and meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We can improve your company’s cash flow by training personnel on all or any aspect of the ‘order to cash’ process
Bespoke training can also be delivered, especially for departments of over 6-8 staff members per session minimum.


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