Commercial Book Debt Recovery – Insolvency

Pecunia offers value to the insolvency practice sector, in realising book debts under liquidation and administration, quickly and effectively.  

Pecunia has been highly successful in enabling insolvency practitioners (IPs) to obtain an accurate picture of book debt realisation from the outset, and then recovering the collectable debts through a combination of a proven strategy and dogged perseverance.

Once an IP has been appointed, we recommend they pass the ledger over to Pecunia as soon as possible, as the earlier we are appointed as your agent, the greater the chance of recovering the balances owing. This allows the IP to deal with the regulatory aspect of the case, while we handle the collection of the book debts.

  • We operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis
  • We report on developments and the status of the book debt recovery at regular intervals to satisfy the requirements of the IP.
  • We are experienced in liaising with IPs, and case managers, providing them with a professional service once a book debt has been assigned to us for collect out.


I have worked with Pecunia on a number of cases and have found them to be professional and efficient, achieving strong ledger recoveries and ensuring that any irrecoverable debts are fully researched and documented.  Their expertise in credit control has also been applied in turnaround and pre-insolvency scenarios, adding value for stakeholders.  I am happy to recommend Pecunia’s services.  – IP Kent

We also offer a range of credit management and cash flow management services in relation to:

  • Business turn-around.
  • Restructuring.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

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