Credit Management Consulting for Finance Companies

Pecunia provides benefits to Finance Companies to assist in increasing sales conversions as well as ensuring your clients have a solid credit management structure in place to secure your funding.

As a business, we have a good reputation amongst finance companies for identifying ways to improve their clients’ cash flow for re-financing, which, in turn, leads to increase sales conversions and more secure lending.

  • We work with the finance company to prepare for first meetings with clients/prospects.
  • We work with their client to help them implement robust credit control processes (from customer take-on to collection) to improve their sales ledger and increase cash flow. This will help to ensure that the client has a much stronger sales ledger and business cash position on which the finance company can base recommendations/decisions.

Using our services will help to facilitate a speedier decision regarding the specific credit facility and the amount which can be extended to the client. By adopting this approach, the level,  ‘quality’ and financial ‘calibre’ of the conversions should start to increase.

In turn, this will lead to stability and growth for the client, which would result in increased profits and the potential for more (and less risky) business for finance companies

We also offer a range of credit management and cash flow management services in relation to:

  • Credit Control Training
  • Outsourced collection work
  • Implementing a Credit Policy

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