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Our team offers a professional high level expert service working alongside Accountancy Practices assisting their client base with all cashflow issues.

Credit Management Consulting

Why we help

Many accountants refer clients to us for various issues within credit control, debt management as poor cashflow.   However this is usually something that comes to light whilst doing their clients year end accounts.  Finding that there is not enough cash within the business to fulfil its liabilities.

The second issue with this is that reviewing the clients account at this point in ‘history’ the client has continued to trade and potentially not make any headway or resolving the issue they faced at their year end.

With this in mind, the time lag between the clients year end and the review can be too long a period to assist and reverse cashflow issues clients maybe facing.  This can result in the client failing and needing an insolvency practitioner

What we do

By working with accountants, we can ensure that their clients are being proactive with the skill set, processes and training to ensure that their credit management function fits the business needs.

We work alongside accountant and their clients to deliver an all round bespoke debt recovery and front end credit management package, which be installed into the business through processes, policies and establishing the right KPI’s for their own needs.

Woking with the accountant and client creates a better understand for all about the clients business, its needs as well and knowing that there are professionals out there to help secure the companies finances, its debt recovery, and ability to see more profits and growth that come with the stability and knowledge that they have the right support of their credit management function.

Give your clients an added service, ensuring stability within cashflow and credit management, for a resilient and profitable happy client.

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