Training you can customise

We understand that ‘off the shelf’ training can leave a gap in learning, as not all elements maybe relevant to your needs.

Therefore we offer credit control courses you can customise to your business needs, and we will help you devise a training session that will benefit your team.

Cash flow
The cost of credit
Working capital
The effect of credit on profits and liquidity
The financing of credit and the effect on your business of being paid late

The credit function
Establishing credit terms (and ensuring your customer adheres to them!)
Monitoring & controlling the debt
Sales ledger maintenance

Assessment of risk
Key requirements
Customer identity
Credit Application Form / Terms & Conditions
Bank/Trade references
Credit reference agency reports
Financial strength of customer

Types of customer
Sole traders
Limited Companies
Other types of customer

Credit policy
Measuring performance

Credit decisions and controls
Judgemental decision making (credit or no credit?)
Credit decisions
Credit limits
Settlement discount
Late payment charges

Invoicing and receipting/allocation
Designing a ‘killer’ invoice
Essential steps for effective invoicing
Invoice accuracy
Receipting and recording of payments
Dealing with underpayments, overpayments and unallocated cash

Credit v Sales
Credit v Other Departments

Negotiating and influencing
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
RADPAC Model of Negotiation
Tips for successful negotiation
The importance of win; win outcomes

Improving self-esteem
Personal confidence
Replacing aggressive and passive communication with assertiveness

Collection procedures
Collecting payment without losing the goodwill of your customers
Aiming to be first in line for payment!
Telephone techniques (tone, types of question, securing commitment to pay!)
Dealing with queries
Dealing with excuses
Reasons for non-payment
Letters (content and timing)

Credit control meetings
Advantages / disadvantages
Internal / external meetings
Five key steps:
Planning Preparation
Structure & Control
Summarising and recording

Third Party Action and Debt Recovery through the Courts
Advantages / Disadvantages
Factors to be considered before making a decision
Statutory Demand
Legal Proceedings
High Court
County Court
Pre-Action Protocols
Money Claims On-Line
Do I need a solicitor?
Interest on debts
Seeking Judgement
Enforcing Judgement
Personal/Company insolvency overview

Self – awareness and development

Advanced Communication Skills
Boost Your Assertiveness
Customer Service – Achieving Excellence In Customer Services
Analysis & Problem Solving
Influencing People
Dealing with Conflict
Effective Project Management
Effective Time Management
Improving your business confidence
Engaging Appraisals
Performance Management
Presenting With Confidence
Report Writing
Successful Meetings
Successful Selling Techniques
Leadership Styles & Qualities
Management Competencies
Influential Communication Skills for Managers
Leadership Styles and Qualities & Management Competencies
Influential Communication skills for Supervisors & Team Leaders

“Tailored public service and charity sector training is also catered for, as well as international training in all areas of credit management / collection / cash flow”