Access Retainers, outsourcing and interim assistance

Access retainers

  • We offer and advise all our members to consider our retainer option, once a full consultancy package has been completed or within the rolling Programme
  • By offering this our members know that accessing us – accessing our knowledge, our expertise, even our network – is of value to them, and it provides them with peace of mind knowing we will deliver the best of all these elements to them when required
  • The retainer fee is paid yearly, quarterly or monthly in advance by our client to assure services will be available to them for an extended amount of time, or the duration of the retainer deal
  • Retainers are priced on three levels, and are discussed with members in advance depending on their requirements
  • Retainer agreements can bring stability to a business and works well with the intended growth, or future planning as many new issues would arise though this
  • We can be on hand to give support and guidance as and when required

Full access retainer

  • 5 working days a week access to consultant
  • Assess to network of associates
  • 30 hours a month assistance

Mid-tier retainer

  • 5 working days a week access to consultant
  • Assess to network of associates
  • 20 hours a month assistance

Low-tier retainer

  • 5 working days a week access to consultant
  • Assess to network of associates
  • 5 hours a month assistance

Outsourcing/Interim assistance

There maybe times when you have a gap to fill for a short time, or that you have a big project to undertake and require assistance.

Pecunia has a number of skilled consultants that can undertake work in the following areas, and more

  • Credit Control
  • Credit Manager
  • Credit Risk Assessor
  • Interim FD
  • Business structure consultancy
  • VAT & Tax Consultancy
  • Trainers
  • Apprenticeship tutors and end point assessors

Access to associates

Pecunia is proud to be working alongside some associated firms, so that we can ensure that our members obtain the best advice, guidance and support for all areas of their business.

Our associates range from

  • Debt recovery
  • Credit Risk
  • Business Finance
  • Restructure
  • Insurance
  • Lawyers
  • Lending
  • Barristers
  • HCEO
  • Forensic accountants
  • AI
  • IT hard & software
  • Procurement
  • HR
  • Employment Law
  • Marketing
  • Personal finance
  • Wellbeing & Mental Health
  • And many more ……….


How it works

Contact Pecunia and discuss your business requirements for your outsourcing / interim needs.

Pecunia will connect you with the right consultant who will give you the best service, relative to your needs.

Access to associates

As a retainer client, we will always ensure you have the best advice to hand relative to your business needs, to ensure you secure the best service to stabilise your business and growth