Not earning? Keep learning!!

Not earning? Keep learning!!

So, imagine for a moment you are Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool football club. You are in a position to win them their first Premier League Championship EVER!

Imagine that you are one of their players and on the verge of making history.

The season has been suspended for some time due to Covid, and at some stage in the near future – although you’re not exactly sure when – the Premier League competition will resume and you’ll be fighting to win the title against the opposition, who will all be looking to get off to a flying start.

How likely is it that Klopp and the rest of your squad are not keeping in shape by training regularly?

How likely is it that you are not working through set-play routines, practising free-kicks & corners, imagining various scenarios and situations? You can’t play matches, but you know that you need to be practising and sharpening your skills and techniques.

What’s the possibility that the opposition will be doing exactly that, in order to prevent you from winning? Even if the opposition are not keeping in shape, you know it will give you a competitive advantage when play resumes if you have been, whether you are a player or manager.

What are the chances of Liverpool winning the title, and you being the manager or one of the key players to get them over the line, if you enter the resumed season un- or under-prepared?

If, during this enforced break, you or your squad are at home watching Netflix, sitting in on Zoom quizzes, getting proficient at using TikTok, what sort of shape would you or they be in to get back into competition and have an edge over the other teams?

Well, although it may seem a world away, this may well be what your team members have been doing during lockdown, especially if they are furloughed! However, training while on furlough is both allowed and encouraged. Therefore, there is nothing to stop your team keeping in shape, acquiring new skills practising & honing existing ones while they are away from the workplace.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how to ensure your squad returns from lockdown work-fit (rather than match-fit!), then contact us/Pecunia Ltd to find out how our bite-sized training sessions can help keep your team in shape while they are ‘on the bench’ waiting to get back in the game.

In future blogs we’ll look at what can happen if complacency sets in or key team members drop out of the squad!

Peter Silvey

Training Consultant