Jacqueline Borthwick FCICM

I wanted to educate my team in credit control matters, but also be part of that training, not as a manager but as a colleague, interacting with the team on the same level. I asked Kevin if he could help me by putting a training exercise together for my team over a one – two day period. Due to Kevin’s tutoring at the London Met, I knew he had good training skills to manage this challenge. The results were brilliant, albeit the team thought, “I know it all” they all enjoyed the training and the interaction with their peers.

The one thing I like about Kevin, not only does he have the knowledge, but he has worked with many students over the years.

I found the experience worked really well for my team, Kevin has a great technique when it comes to training, material, always brilliant, interesting and fun too. I know he spends a lot of time preparing for these events, we ended up asking him back the following year with a new topic which again the team enjoyed very well. The team were delighted to receive a certificate afterwards, they were pleasantly surprised at what they did learn and to train alongside their work colleagues.

I would definitely recommend Kevin to any company for this training or refresher of your internal training sessions.